I'm in the Jerusalem Post!

So... apparently I was featured in the Jerusalem Post "Arrivals" column this past weekend! You can view the whole interview here:


As with any published article,  not every detail is entirely accurate-- for example, while I very much love and miss my mother, mother-in-law and grandmother, as well as my two brothers and my sister, I also very much miss my father, father-in-law and grandfather! (Not to mention my brothers-in-law and my sisters-in-law, and maybe most of all my six nieces and nephews-- two years in the life of a little kid is eternity, so I don't feel like I even know them any more, even if we sometimes talk on the phone. That's the saddest part about moving away.)

It's a great article, though, and I'm really flattered. The Haifa English Theatre very much appreciates the good publicity... the Haifa English Theatre is truly as awesome as I say in the article (see my post about the last HET performance), though I could also credit a lot of non-HET, non-Anglo friends for helping me in my aliyah. Check the article out if you're curious about my unusual childhood and pre-aliyah life, as well as a bit about my personal life in Israel.

And I guess my cover is blown... so here's what I actually look like (on a rare good-face day):

However, contrary to the impression you might get from the picture, I do have more than three fingers on my left hand. Maybe that's why they only used the top of the picture in the article. :) In the background you can see the amazingly beautiful castle Montfort... see my post about Montfort.

Now I need to figure out what to do about all the autograph-seekers who keep bothering me... at least, I'm pretty sure the lawyer was just using our final mortgage forms as a ruse to get my signature...

P.S. I actually did post one picture containing my face on the blog before... and now it's probably more obvious which post it was. :)


  1. I saw the article! It's a great picture and was a great article....I also got an e-mail from someone in America wanting to make Aliyah to the north and I referred them to your blog.

  2. Shalom,

    I read the Jerusalem Post, and found your blog. I browsed through it with a big smile; your observations of every-day life in Israel are so recognizable and brought back many, many precious memories. Hope your dreams will come true in Israel.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. Way to go, you! I'm off to read the article right now.
    And I don't want to shock you or anything, but there's a picture of you on your profile in the top corner of your blog ;)

  4. haha... this is true, Toby, but I deliberately made it small enough that I doubt anyone could recognize me from the street based on this picture. Good point, though. :)

  5. Yeah, the JPost article came out a few days ago. I came over from there, and I have every intention of sticking around!


  6. Hello Maya!

    First of all,congratulations for your great blog!I started reading it a few months ago but that's the first time I post a comment here.And,I gotta tell you,I have a quite good time reading your posts!They're elucidative and fun to read.I absolutelly love it!I'm considering making aliyah myself (of course I have to learn hebrew first =D ).
    Just read the article about you on the JP website and I read your gramma is from Brazil...is that true?What city was she born in?I ask that 'cause I'm also from Brazil and it's funny to know about brazilian jews conquering the world,hahaha!
    Anyway,congratulations for yor blog and keep the good work!
    Raphael from Brazil

  7. Raphael, my grandmother is from near Sao Paolo, although I don't actually have Brazilian blood in me (my loss!)-- my father's mom died when he was young, so my grandmother is his step-mom. Funnily enough, though, two of my best friends here in Israel are Brazilian, so I guess I might have some Brazilian in me anyway! I also spent one summer in Santarem (deep in the Amazonas). Brazilian Jews should take over the world... no other Jews use "oy" as "hello"! :)

  8. Big, big Mazal tov to you, even though your cover was blown. Eize article yafe, and eize tmuna yafefiyah! :)


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