"Medusa" is not a Greek monster...

... although they do lurk in the Mediterranean.

(You can see the family resemblance.)

Sorry fewer posts than normal this week. My sister is about to visit, life is busy, and... it just got hot! I'm excited for hot weather, although as sweat poured down me today while I was strenuously sitting in my apartment (ha), I also remembered why I was SO excited for cool in the fall last year. Israeli weather in the spring and fall is absolutely perfect for life in general. Israeli weather in the summer is perfect for the beach! With almost 100% certainty, I can say that it won't rain for the next hundred days... blue skies, sunny weather, and the beach a ten minute drive away.

The only problem with this picture is that "meduzot"-- jelly fish-- also love the warm water of the Mediterranean. I've never actually hit a "medusah" in the water, but even the slight sting of medusah venom in the waves is enough to convince me I never want to get any closer. Surfing friends have welts to prove that they HAVE gotten closer, and it's no fun at all.

So listen to the Israeli life guards if they tell you to stay out of the water on a hot day. Instead, stay home and watch Meduzot the movie-- it's an artsy (i.e., beautiful but confusing and depressing) film that I wasn't crazy about, but many people love.

Happy summer!


  1. ...And if you do get stung by a meduza, rinse it out with sea water and then vinegar (just chuck a small bottle of the stuff in your beach bag.) At least, that's the advice the doctor gave in the health column about this. :)

  2. My daughter had several stings last summer in T.A. and I have never seen anyone so sick. We are Floridian and quite used to spending time in the water, but no jellyfish here in the sunshine state. Aren't they only there for a short while - not the whole summer?

  3. Ouch! I'm glad she's ok!

    Meduzot come and go. Someone alerts the beach life guards, so they will warn you if it's a bad day to go in the water. They definitely aren't there the whole summer!


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