Fall Foliage in Israel?


(See those bits of yellow on certain clumps of leaves? HA! Take that, Vermont!)

(What, you say the dried-up chives and thyme in my window boxes don't count?!)

[First three pictures were taken today (Oct. 22) out my windows; last picture was taken Nov. 29 2008 in the Golan Heights]


  1. You missed two of the trademarks of Israeli fall:
    The חצב a stalk flower that blooms only in the fall
    Migrating bird flocks. (not strictly speaking foliage, more like plumage, but still gorgeous)

  2. Hello! I just stumbled onto your blog from another one, and I was so absorbed by your posts that I think I just read your entire blog (the fact that I'm in work-avoidance mode may be relevant). Your post on monosyllabic Hebrew was priceless!

    Okay, gushing over, I'm jealous that you still have living plants: I live in Boston and the date is rapidly approaching when I will look out my window and all I will see are dead sticks.

  3. Thanks, Toby... and Byran, I'm very flattered! Stick around! :)


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