Still alive! (In which I blame the lack of posts on Lior Narkis)

Just wanted to let y'all know that I'm not sick, have not been hit by a monit sherut, and have not decided to abandon Israel for a small Yurt in the Himalayas. I've actually just been busy, and I figure one of the perks of blogging for fun is that I can take vast unpaid vacations without any warning.

Really, though, what happened was that I saw this Lior Narkis music video and was at a loss for words for several weeks. I can't explain the video. I can't even tell you what aspect of Israeli culture would spawn something this odd, although most oddly, it doesn't surprise me at all. And I should further caveat this video by saying that this song is really popular and blares on Israeli streets from arse-mobiles at all hours of the day, Lior Narkis is a Mizrachi singer who sings love songs, and this is the song's real music video. The lyrics basically say "You're really sweet. Everything you do is really sweet. I want to hug you."

I can't embed the video, so just follow this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zqt-nZHrAfw
And I'm not talking about all the gratuitous bikini shots... watch to the very end.

Now you know.

P.S. In a serious story about Israeli medical rescue, I hope you're all aware of the amazing job that Israel has done in rescuing survivors in Haiti. We were one of the first to set up a fully functional field hospital and we've recently been among the last to pull survivors out of the rubble. Check out a sample story here (and from the Philadelphia Bulletin, just to show that the Jerusalem post isn't alone in applauding the Israeli delegation. I even found a positive mention of Israel's rescue teams at Aljazeera.net).

UPDATE: Oh. My. This music video is part of a series. Here's the next one, and again, you have to watch to the very end. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10c0FVoMfA4&feature=related 
I guess you can say many things about Lior Narkis, many of them starting with "tasteless," but the guy definitely doesn't take himself too seriously!


  1. Unbelievable!! That is probably the most extraordinary music video I've ever watched (but I admit I don't watch very many). If you hadn't specifically said to watch to the end, I would probably have stopped...

  2. I hate this kind of music, but the video is great. It's greatness is in the details, like the bloody hand print on the derrière of one of the ladies. Priceless!

  3. At first I was getting motion sickness from all those wobbling chests.
    Then it's like a frat boy movie turns into a slasher pic. Awesome!

  4. haha... I completely agree with your comments, everyone.

    And... Oh My. This music video is part of a series. For some reason I can't paste into this comment box, so edit the post with the link.

  5. I agree with quietusleo. Although I'm not usually a fan of this kind of music (and I only know enough Hebrew to identify "at"), the videos were hilarious.

  6. I think the second one is, if at all possible, even more fabulous.. LOL

  7. yeah, the second one actually made me laugh, while the first one just made me stare in shock, horror and revulsion... :)

  8. וואו.
    לא הבנתי כמה ליאור נרקיס מטומטם עד עכשיו.

  9. Is there a deeper level to this I'm not getting? You like how they all go back in the house dancing at the end?

  10. I don't think there is any kind of deeper meaning... that's the scary part.

    Anonymous, I agree! Though I kind of like him better after watching the second clip.

  11. W.T.F? Also, what's the difference between him, Lior Farhi, Eyal Golan and Kobi Peretz?

  12. Haha... I don't think there IS a difference, Vicki, except that Lior Narkis's videos are perhaps weirder.


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