This blog has been shiputzed!

Well, not really. But I just wanted an excuse to use the Hebrew word "shiputzim" (rennovations) as an English verb. Isn't that a great word? Shiputz. Sheepootz. Shipootz.

Today I did two things I've been meaning to do for a little while.

1. I brought back my blog roll! Thanks to your suggestions, I discovered some blogs I hadn't known about and added some of my favorites as well. Let me know if you think there are any more I should add and if importing the title of recent posts makes this page load too slowly.

2. I set up Facebook Networked Blogs! I mainly did this so that I could stop importing my posts to my personal Facebook account as notes, which A) makes my old college friends think I'm oddly obsessed with Israeli celebrities and B) means that sometimes the most interesting comments on my posts appear on my personal Facebook page rather than on this blog. Plus I want people to read my blog here rather than as a note because it looks prettier here and comments on this page make it look like more people read my blog. :) (Never mind that failing to post for three months tends to make comments go away... have I mentioned how incredibly lucky I feel that some of you still read this blog??) Anyway, my vanity will be infinitely flattered if it looks like I have more than three Facebook Networked Blogs followers, so feel free to add yourself to the list. :)

To see both of these changes, scroll down-- they're toward the bottom of the sidebar on the right. 

Now if I only could get our neighbors to stop shiputzing their apartments, we could all be happy. I'm working from home to the sound of jackhammers and people shouting at each other in Arabic. At least it's better than when our downstairs neighbors sing...


  1. Maya, what does it mean to follow you on FB? I love your blog and read it often, but I'm not very tech savvy:) - Mara

  2. Um, I'm not either. But if you scroll down, there are two ways to choose to "follow" this blog-- one that sends updates to your blogger dashboard when I post, one that sends updates to your Facebook feed (the networked blogs thing). Of course, there's no real reason to choose the Facebook option if you use blogger. It will just make me feel special. :) Plus being connected by Facebook feels a little more personal, ya know?

  3. Hi, I'm glad you're back! I started reading your blog when we were planning our aliyah, and now we are here. I often start conversations with my husband with, "Maya from How to Be Israeli says..."

    I have a post request. In follow-up to your very helpful "Don't Give Away Information" post, could you help an olah chadashah out with some appropriately cagey (but not rude) responses to personal questions?

  4. Chaya, I'll think about that! Any suggestions, everyone? Sometimes I think a little rudeness (in return) is called for...

  5. If its any help there is also a site that is pretty easy to understand, called bloglovin and basically its just a page that stores all the blogs you follow and keeps you updated as to new post without filling your email account. Which is a big plus for me!

  6. Thanks for the link! Glad you stopped by. You are now added to my blogroll as well.

  7. I had an Israeli experience today and thought about your blog.

    In Israel, gift certificate expiration dates are flexible. It is often possible to present expired gift certificates and have them be honored.

    Today I discovered Isracard gift cards that had expired. At first I felt really bad about it, but then I thought, "hey, this is Israel". So I called Isracard and explained the situation, they checked it out (using the card number on the back) and are sending me a new card. Terrific!

  8. hi Maya,
    I'm Gili, an Israeli who lives in Boston (at least for now). I just wanted to say that reading your blog makes me so happy (and really homesick). You depict Israel with so much love and humour--not to mention accuracy--and your posts give me great perspective. I really loved the guide to monosyllabic Hebrew; right on the money with the translations! I wonder if you have a guide for Israeli body language. It seems almost necessary, but I couldn't find it. Anyway, toda rabah for this blog, I will be following!


  9. I do have one... hmm... I think I need to shiputz my "crash course" links some time soon!

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