Fall Foliage in Israel?


(See those bits of yellow on certain clumps of leaves? HA! Take that, Vermont!)

(What, you say the dried-up chives and thyme in my window boxes don't count?!)

[First three pictures were taken today (Oct. 22) out my windows; last picture was taken Nov. 29 2008 in the Golan Heights]


  1. You missed two of the trademarks of Israeli fall:
    The חצב a stalk flower that blooms only in the fall
    Migrating bird flocks. (not strictly speaking foliage, more like plumage, but still gorgeous)

  2. Get me pictures and I'll post them!

  3. Hello! I just stumbled onto your blog from another one, and I was so absorbed by your posts that I think I just read your entire blog (the fact that I'm in work-avoidance mode may be relevant). Your post on monosyllabic Hebrew was priceless!

    Okay, gushing over, I'm jealous that you still have living plants: I live in Boston and the date is rapidly approaching when I will look out my window and all I will see are dead sticks.

  4. Thanks, Toby... and Byran, I'm very flattered! Stick around! :)


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