Images of Israel at 61 years...

At this link, you can see images of Israel chosen by Yediot Ahronot (one of our newspapers), representing different elements of Israel at 61 years old: http://my.ynet.co.il/israeli/

It's an odd, interesting selection. One of the pictures is simply graffiti saying "ein chanaya"-- no parking. I mean, I know this is a chronic problem in Israel, but surely we have more interesting graffiti? For example, look at this graffiti in a Syriana ruin in the Golan:

I also think the picture of the guy WEARING the Israeli flag as a sarong is a bit odd. I really don't see Israelis doing that kind of thing as much as Americans-- Israelis tend to use flags a flags, thank you very much.

My two favorite pictures are at the top: one is a prime example of Israeli body language, as a group of men looks at a map, and the other is an image of soldiers in an ancient synagogue, dancing so quickly (or on the right kind of exposure) so that they become a blur. Or perhaps the most representative picture is of the two men in short short bathing suits, speaking on cell phones.

What do you think of this picture selection? Ultimately, I think it represents a Tel Avivian view of Israel at 61 years... I think the selection from, say, Shiloh or even Haifa would be different.


  1. מה זה, גצ''ה, גש''ם?

  2. I'm actually not quite sure. I'm guessing it's for an army unit-- does anyone know?

  3. Um... The picture with the No Parking is actually of a sign that says "No Parking", above which someone graffitied "In this entire F**king city there is.."



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