"Olim Omrim" is up and running!

No real post today, but I wanted to let y'all (or "yinz," as we say in Pittsburgh) know that our new Hebrew blog, Olim Omrim, is up and running. We already have a number of posts up from four different authors, and you should meet more of the participants soon! Please visit and leave encouraging comments-- our Hebrew isn't hard to read, I promise, and I made the font nice and big. Tip for reading my Hebrew: read it aloud. I'm sometimes, er, a bit phoenetic in my spelling.

Come stop by! All levels are welcome. :)

And a pretty photo from my recent trip to the Golan, just to remind you of how gorgeous Israel is in the springtime: (click on the picture to see a larger version)


  1. Fantastic!!! I just visited and left a comment. I wish I had the guts to write in Hebrew. I'm always afraid of making mistakes. I know it's silly. And I've been here since....

  2. I'm an olah-in-process and I'd love to be part of עולים אומרים as I go through the aliyah process and then once I'm in Israel-- let me know on my blog at http://laurensaliyahsomething.blogspot.com/


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