Come see "Just Say Yes" at the Haifa English Theatre!

If you really want to be Israeli, you all need to see the Haifa English Theatre perform "Just Say Yes" at some time during the next two weeks. It's practically a prerequisite. I have it on good authority that El Al will soon be quizzing you about the plot of this play as part of their security screening. Here's the blurb in the "Anglofile" section of the English version of HaAretz:
SAY YES TO LAUGHS: Life in Israel is tough, says Betsy Lewis Yizraeli, the chairwoman of the Haifa English Theatre, adding that her only goal is to counterbalance the daily stress and make her audience feel good. That's why the theater chose to perform Tom and Jack Sharkey's "Just Say Yes!" "It's a comedy all about the joys and the difficulties involved in living a life based on the power of positive thinking," the Washington, D.C., native explained, adding that in the theater's 29th year, both veteran immigrants, such as Murray Rosovsky, appear on stage as well as new immigrants who are performing for the first time in Israel. Rebecca Dekanu, for example, who moved here recently from Oregon, will start her army service next month. Directed by Ruth Willner, "Just Say Yes!" will open next Saturday. For tickets call (054) 539 8196.
More details:
You will JUST SAY YES! to this delightful Haifa English Theatre production opening in November at Haifa’s Beit Hagefen Auditorium.

Charismatic Blaize Caraway is a hard-nosed, ambitious self-improvement guru in the comedy JUST SAY YES! written by Tom Sharkey and Jack Sharkey.

Will Blaize learn something about life from his daughter Faye?  Or will one of the other women in his life show him the light?

Both his “irreplaceable assistant” Irene Joyce and her replacement Nell Eager have many ideas on the subject.  Arnold Adderby is the unlikely serpent in this hilarious “Garden of Ego.”

JUST SAY YES! is directed by Ruth Willner and will be performed by the Haifa English Theatre on the following dates at Beit Hagefen Auditorium, 33 Zionism, Haifa on

Thursday 12 November at 20:30

Saturday 14 November at 20:30

Tuesday 17 November at 17:30

Thursday 19 November at 20:30

Saturday 21 November at 20:30

Tickets are available at the door and by mail order.
And no, I didn't mean "Theater"-- by English, we mean "Angli," not "Anglit"! (However, they allow Yankees to participate too. :)

Fair disclosure: attending this production might not be the best way to be Israeli. However, it's a fun way to connect with the Haifa-area English-speaking community. A certain wanna-be-Israeli blogger is just possibly a cast member.

Please come!

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