What War Zone?? T-shirts!

One of my favorite funny blogs about Israel is Benji Lovitt's What War Zone?? If you haven't checked it out, do so now... and you might just be able to catch Benji's standup act in the US!

Benji also just came out with a line of t-shirts featuring from his his favorite Israeli-isms and humorous lines. Click here for the full line. The "yiyeh beseder" t-shirts are great, because they capture the Israeli attitude towards everything from nuclear bombs to clogged storm drains, but I have to say that this one is my favorite:

It says "everybody loves a HOT guy," which only makes sense if you realize that one of Israel's two big cable companies is called HOT (with that logo). This results in fun conversations:

Me: I asked a HOT guy to come over this morning while you were at work.
Dear Husband: Oh? Why?
Me: Well, I was in the mood for some HOT Fun! but I couldn't seem to get it started on my own, so I called the HOT guy.
DH: You know, I really prefer it if you let me take care of this kind of thing myself. 
Me: Well, the HOT guy went back to his truck and called a few other HOT guys, and they got Israeli Entertainment going, but then...


I'm not sure that I can wear these shirts on the Israeli streets (well, maybe one of the yiyeh beseder ones... those might even catch on among regular Israelis!) but they would make hilarious gifts for anyone you know who has spent enough time in Israel to get the jokes.

What would you put on a t-shirt to celebrate all of the quirks of Israeli life? I'm very tempted to make bumper stickers saying "honk if you're Israeli." Get it? Get it?

Good times. :) 


  1. $32 for a t-shirt? What exactly does it do that every other t-shirt in the world can't do?

  2. NG, I know, a few of them are too much...see explanation here:

    It's not my pricing, it's the website's. I'll be hosting them on an Israeli site shortly or mass producing them myself. Stay tuned!



  3. you're welcome, Benji!! And... nobody's impressed by my bumper sticker idea? What about this one:

    I brake for Camels

    or even better

    I brake for Arsim

    hehehe :)

  4. If anything, it should be "I DON'T break for arsim"...
    There are cars on the roads in this country that should be sold with a sign like this:
    For SALE:
    Used Arsemobile. 250,000 km Like new!
    1000 watt stereo system, only plays Ayal Golan
    several small dents on left panel. And right panel.
    And front bumper. And both doors. But otherwise in great shape!
    BREAKS LIKE-NEW, Never been used.



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