Visit Achziv!

If you really want to be Israeli, you should go on "tiyulim" (trips) every weekend. Israelis know how to enjoy this beautiful tiny country of ours, and everywhere you go you see Israelis hiking (in Teva sandals), barbecuing, and photographing nature with ridiculously large cameras.

At ProphetJoe's request, I'll post some pictures of the Mediterranean today. :) This is Achziv, my favorite beach. It's actually part of a nature preserve north of Nahariyah. It's full of these gorgeous little tidepools that dance with sunlight and minnows. The sandy part (not in any of my pictures) is protected by a natural rocky cove. I took these pictures in December. Enjoy, and visit Achziv!

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  1. Wow... you're good! :-)

    Now, I'm jealous. For as far as the eye can see, I have cold barren corn fields -- but soon spring will be here and the green corn will begin pushing up through our black soil! Today, it's in the 50-60 degree range. A far cry from our recent cold spell, but I'd still love to see the sun... if you can pull that off, I'll be even more impressed, Maya!


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