Be Boycotted!

Hehe... I was trying to figure out how to translate a video entitled "How to Boycott Israel" into a lesson on how to be Israeli. This clever viral video basically says it all, though:

Being boycotted is actually an Israeli way of life. In the world of sports, for example, swimmers in the Olympics refused to enter the same pool as Israeli athletes and Arab judoka refused to fight our black belts. Recently, Israeli tennis players were banned from attending an international competition in Dubai. Contrast this with the Judo competition my husband and I attended in Haifa, in which teenage athletes from Israel, the Palestinian territories, Turkey, Jordan, and other arab nations all competed in a celebration of peace. THAT is how it should be.


  1. That is an absolutely hilarious video. :>

    Congrats on being mentioned in Haveil Havailm! I'm jealous...

  2. Oh, sure, Israel may be the cradle of Judaism and Christianity and the source of thousands of important technological advancements, but you still have terrorism in your country! Nobody will take you seriously until you get rid of that!

    (great video)

  3. Good point.

    My question is "Where are the internations civil rights activists when Israelis are slighted?"

  4. Seriously... and it's insane to me that Israel gets no credit for all the things we do right, such as our exceptional rights for women (compared to other Middle Eastern nations), stable democracy, technological advancement. etc.

  5. This is an incredible video-- thanks for posting, Maya.
    -- Ima

  6. My question is "Where are the internations civil rights activists when Israelis are slighted?"

    Muse: you could have as easily said "slaughtered" instead of "slighted"...

  7. i just find out your blog, thanks for all sharings, little evoke > Turkey is not a Arap nation!


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