Move back to Israel for the cheap plane ticket!

If you make aliyah and become Israeli, you get a free plane ticket. But if you're already an Israeli citizen and you live abroad, the only thing keeping you away is the cost of a flight, right?

That at least appears to be the logic behind El Al's new deal with the Absorption Ministry, offering cheap plane flights for Israelis living abroad who want to return home:

Prior to the State of Israel's 61st birthday, to be celebrated on April 29th, the Immigrant Absorption Ministry and El Al came to a deal as part of the ministry's 'Coming Home at 60' initiative, which was launched last year.

Israelis returning from Europe will be able to purchase at ticket for $150 (not including tax) and those returning from North America will be able to purchase tickets for $300 (not including tax).
Oddly, the article doesn't specify that these foreign Israelis must return home for good, although I'm pretty sure that's the implication. It goes on to say that they must have "an authorization from the Immigration Absorption Ministry of their status as returning citizens," and to be a "toshav chozer" is (I think) a legal status akin to making aliyah without most of the benefits... and with some fun penalties, like a fine and waiting period to get health care.

I still think that my in-laws should look carefully at whether they can finagle a cheap plan ticket home in time for Yom Haatzmaut!

P.S. Does my blog load very slowly? I'm thinking I might need to cut a few of the images.


  1. Hmmm, "constantly killing innocent people"... to whom do you refer? Terrorists in the Gaza?

  2. Maya,

    Thank you for visiting my other blog. As you can tell, I have not worked on it for a while.

    I need to start writing again on this blog.

    Your posts are so thought provoking. Maybe I will come up with some idea for my next post on Chazak v'Ematz.

    You can see I am just learning Hebrew and the whole feminine/masculine endings are confusing to me. However, I will get there someday. Right now, just getting through the yud and vud are tricky for me.

    Have a great day.


  3. Hmm, sikander... your comment has absolutely nothing to do with my post, and your blog seems to be entirely reprintings of articles published elsewhere, so I take it that you don't actually read or think much for yourself? Makes sense.


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