Pickle Update

Ok, so I've been delaying actually posting about my pickles... in fact, I've been delaying actually tasting them. I was scared. Every time I would think about it, the word "botulism" would spring to mind and I would invent reasons not to.

But just now I tasted one of my pickles (now sitting securely in the fridge), and you know what? It was good! I think I might have put just a bit too much celery root/top in, which changed the taste somewhat. Next time I'll go a little heavier on the dill, a little lighter on the celery. The salt level is fine, so I'll keep it heavy next time.

The bottom line: I actually made pickles! Crisp, just slightly sour, juicy... pickles!!


  1. Aklah! Wonderful! I'm proud of you-- and hope you can aim to have some for our next visit :-). Hope Hannah is brave enough to try them!

    Ima in America

  2. Hello there,

    I came for the pickle recipe and liked the blog so much I decided to stick around. But speaking of pickles, mine are almost ready, big taste test tomorrow. Do you know if you can just add new cucumbers to the brine to make another batch or do you have to start all over? It does look a little on the nasty side in the jar, but then again, everything is pickled and preserved, right? Just wondering.

  3. Huff daddy, I'm not sure. How did yours turn out?


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