The things you learn in Israeli tabloids...

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My husband has started bringing "Yisrael HaYom" and "24," free daily tabloids, home for me from the train station each day. They're great because they have big colorful pictures, easy-to-read text, and short articles. However, I suspect that much of the foreign "news" they publish is the result of faulty plagiarism from American tabloids... i.e., the reporters from these tabs read America media in English, decide they've gotten the gist, translate the parts they understand, and make up the rest. A few things that I have learned from these Israeli tabloids:
  • Madonna is engaged to her boyfriend (whose name is actually Jesus and is something like 20 years old... those parts are true. The engagement? Specially leaked to Israeli tabloids, I suppose. Maybe it's a kaballah thing.)
  • Hilary Clinton is divorcing Bill. (This was a big headline months and months ago. And while I find this rumor totally believable and overdue, Hilary and Bill have managed to hush it up pretty well, apparently)
  • Bar Refaili is dating that guy from Israeli Survivor. (Well, no, the tabloid probably isn't actually claiming this. The truth of this is that Bar Rafeili filmed one romantic advertisement with this hunky guy from our version of Survivor, about a year ago, and photos from this shoot are still running in Israeli press. And now apparently they've signed on again to do a winter ad campaign, so Israeli press's favorite make-believe relationship is back up and running! I wonder what Leonardo DiCaprio thinks?)
This is starting to sound like a game of telephone... you know, where one person whispers something in the ear of the next person, who whispers what they hear in the ear of the next person, and so on. Now, MY translation of inaccurate Israeli tabloid translations of American tabloids... this is how great rumors are born!

The motto of Israeli tabloids: if they can't read what we write, they can't sue.

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  1. I liked reading those free train newspapers too, when we visited you :-). Though of course I only read the *serious* news parts :-).

    Ima in America


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