Question from the comments: Where can you buy an in-cabinet dish rack?

In response to my post about washing dishes in a water shortage, Rivka recently asked:

Do you know how I can buy one of those in the cabinet dish racks? I am very familiar with them.... used to live in Israel and now I'm back in the US. I really would love to have one of those!
This is the rack she's talking about:

As this blog is all about the joys of living an Israeli life (whether you live in Israel or not), I thought I'd turn this question over to you. I do know that these cabinet dish racks aren't unique to Israel-- I remember a thread about them on Apartment Therapy once, and many Europeans said they use these racks as well. Anyone know where to find them in the US?

To the uninitiated, these racks fit into the cabinet over a sink (or over a counter, but the drips are better dropped into the sink). They hide most of my drying dishes and free up counter space. Mine slides down on springs with the weight of dishes. My rack also makes an ear-splitting whine when it slides down, reminiscent of a metal rake being dragged across a chalk board, but nothing is perfect.

Please help Rivka!

By the way, there were no posts the last few days because my husband and I were off celebrating our fifth (!!) wedding anniversary in a tzimmer in the Galil. Must Israeli insanity ensued, and posts will follow. For the record: tea candles are best not placed in metal bowls with star-shaped holes in the sides, especially when extra matches dropped on top of the candles function as extra-long wicks/wax exit ramps. And jacuzzi water actually makes a wax fire get bigger. Just saying.


  1. One lead: my mother-in-law (who reads this blog via e-mail) says that she has seen these shelves at ikea.

  2. Has anyone been able to find a place to buy these- I do desperately want to get this rack for my kitchen!
    if you have any info you can email me judith.cohen@gmail.com

  3. http://www.gold-pirzul.co.il/GoldPirzul/Templates/showpage.asp?DBID=1&LNGID=2&TMID=87&FID=382&PID=15590

    :) A carpentry store in Haifa


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