Only in Israel...

...is this a Facebook group (with 100+ members and counting):

גם אני שונא שהגרעין של הלימון נעלם לי בסלט (ושונא יותר לתת ביס ולמצוא אותו)

Translation: I, too, hate it when lemon seeds disappear into my salad (and hate it even more when I take a bite and find one of them)

Update: follow my recipe for Israeli salad -- still one of the top search entries into my site-- to understand why seeds in the salad is such a pressing problem. Also, as of today, this Facebook group has over 200 members.

Also, check out this week's Haveil Havelim (the Jewish blog carnival)!


  1. To prevent this from happening, slice the lemon down the middle and hold the open side facing up when you squeeze the juice out, instead of facing down. The seeds won't fall out (but your hands will get messy).

  2. facing up... great suggestion! I usually just hold the lemon between my fingers so that the juice squeezes through the cracks, and I keep the seeds, but this is also messy.

  3. You can avoide both by squeezing the lemon against a fork. Takes practice to do it right, but it's a lot less messy.


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