A second spring...

Back in Pennsylvania, December always ushered in months of monochrome: gray trees, white snow, brown grass, sometimes a little tan mud. Here in Israel, though, everything is just starting to turn green again after the long, dry summer. On my morning walks with a friend, I find myself captivated by the lush grass growing in a ditch or the feathery shoots of dill in a farmer's field. (This isn't exactly conducive to maintaining a brisk pace!) Even the courtyard of our apartment building is getting green again.

Remember, this was the tree in our courtyard in June, when a branch fell off from lack of water:

And remember, we had three more months of NO rain after that (although nightly light watering kept the grass somewhat alive).

Here's that same tree now, as seen through the bars in our kitchen window:

The grass is still patchy, but it has that vibrant green of spring growth.

Except that it's December.

I love Israel. :)


  1. Does that mean that there has been enough rain? Or is it that it is getting way too warm in Kislev, and global warming is TRUE?!

  2. The weather was amazing lately..blue skies without a single cloud. I like rain, but I must admit that getting so much sunlight in December is the best

  3. I know... our weather is so beautiful now! I hear we're supposed to get cold weather and rain this weekend, which I'm happy about too. That's one of the nice things about winter in Israel... you're happy either way. :)


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